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How to authorize multiple users to jointly view and control the Smart home system or add new members to the user account?

Smart Station

How do I set up my Smart Station?

What to do if I can't detect the Smart Station?

Why does the App prompt me to set the time zone after completing the initial Smart Station set up?

Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera

How do I set up the Camera?

When I set up the Camera with my iPhone, it appears that the network is not available after selecting the 'LifesmartGCAM' from the network list. Does it matter?

After successfully setting up my Camera, I can't find it in the condition in order to pair it with other devices. I also cannot find other devices in the condition when I try to pair a trigger with the Camera. How do I resolve this?

After setting the local access password on the Camera, it won't work when I connect it to the Smart station. How do I resolve this?

What should I do if I forget my Camera's local access password?

While the Camera is connected to the local network it loses connection to the Cloud. What should I do?


How to set up SPOT™?

What to do if SPOT™'s connection is unstable?

What to do when SPOT™ remains White or blinking White all the time?

Smart Plug

What does “Flip over” mean in the Smart Plug's action list?

Motion Sensor

What detection range does the Motion Sensor cover?

Why does the indicator of the Motion Sensor stays Orange? Why doesn't trigger work when motion is detected by the Motion Sensor?

Why doesn't the Motion Sensor show any value when I want to test the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication)?