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ELIQ® Starter Kit

LifeSmart Nordics

  • Get control over your electricity usage now ! Thanks to the ELIQ® Starter Kit, you can monitor your real-time consumption, compare your results with similar households and get a concrete idea of what your next energy bill will look like! All of this and much more is made possible by the combination of both ELIQ® energy-saving and LifeSmart apps. Bring some more convenience, sustainaiblity and comfort into your everyday life with the ELIQ® Starter Kit!

    • Smart Station x 1

      ELIQ Electricity Meter Sensor x 1


    The core of the LifeSmart platform

    As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of your devices and sensors so that you can stay informed of changing conditions and remotely control various aspects of your home or office.

    How it works

    Simply place the sensor on the LED on your digital energy meter. From this LED, we are able to calculate how much energy you are consuming. Together with your energy supplier, we can show you more specific data straight to the LifeSmart app. The ELIQ Electricity Meter Sensor works with a specific range of digital energy meters.

    Data analysis

    We learn how you can save money. By analyzing your power consumption in combination with your monthly energy bill, we will provide you with new ways to lower your monthly energy budget, without impacting your living experience.

    Energy saving

    Over consumption of energy is a major issue for the world. By being able to help you reduce your energy consumption, we try to make the world a bit cleaner.

    Real-time consumption & energy-thieves

    Under the ”Right now” tab, you can see your real-time electricity consumption. The value located in the center of the circle represents how many watts you are using at the moment. This value can be turned into kr/h by retrieving your electricity tarifs directly from your energy provider. The circle itself shows your consumption compared to the minimal and maximum values observed the last 24 hours – that is to say, the difference between your current usage and your extreme values. The real-time consumption is updated every 15 seconds which makes it very simple to find out which of your home appliances are consuming the most energy – you just need to switch them on/off and to observe the usage discrepancy. Finally, you can track your comsumption patterns under ”Latest 5 min” and see how you can modify them in real-time. The same applies to ”Last 12”, which gives you a smart way to visualise your historical data.

    Feed & reports

    In the end of each month, Eliq automatically creates a so-called ”monthly report”. It shows the total electricity consumption of your family as well as costs compared to similar households and displays a breakdown graph of your usage as well as changes since last month. Peruse through the report to know what your real costs are and to better understand your potential for improvement. Note that all your notifications, reports and alerts are gathered in your ”Feed”.

    History & consumption patterns

    Under ”History” you can see historical data related to your electricity consumption (for a certain day, month or year) as well as the share represented by your accomodation’s heating system. In this way, you are always aware of the slightest changes in your electrical usage and can even compare these values considering variations of indoor- and outdoor temperatures. Thanks to ”Trend”, you can even see how changes in your daily routines can affect your overall consumption. Try to decrease the indoor-temperature or to unplug stand-by appliances for a day and discover how much energy and money you can save by comparing the results with previous periods . Finally, also get access to a forecast that estimates your expected electricity consumption over the current month.



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