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Smart Station

LifeSmart Nordics

  • As the center of the Smart Home System, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of the products you need to make your life simple, and lets you monitor, control, and even automate your home or office environment. Care for your loved ones with 24 hour access and stay informed of changing security and environmental conditions. You can even set automatic actions such as instantly receiving photos of anyone entering your home, or even trigger actions such as video recording or activating lights. Simply connect your Smart Station to your internet router. Then easily add your smart devices to your LifeSmart™ App.

    1. Size : 108* 108* 28 mm
    2. Wireless Distance : 400m (open field)
    3. Weight : 180 g
    4. Operating Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
    5. Operating Temperature : -5 ~ 45°C
    6. Power usage : 1,5W
    7. Operating Frequency : 433MHz GFSK
    8. Color : Ivory white
    9. Maximum load current : 1A
    10. Input Voltage : 5V DC 2A
    11. Certification : CE RoHS


Connect through the cloud

Connected to your router, you are able to access your smart home from anywhere anytime through your mobile device

What makes it smart

Functioning as the "brain" of the smart home. Your smart station gives you endless possibilities to manage and trigger moments and set all sorts of scenarios. Your home finally reacts to you.

Fully automate your home

Being able to not only see what is going on, inside and around your home you can control it from distance. You have never felt so much in control.


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