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Comfort Kit

LifeSmart Nordics

  • The LifeSmart™ Comfort Kit enables you to control and trigger your lighting and entertainment devices via your smartphone. With the Lifesmart™ Smart Plugs, BLEND™ Light Bulb and SPOT™, you can easily automate your home and customise it according to your own lifestyle. Do you want to wake up every morning with a soft lighting and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee - the LifeSmart™ Comfort Kit makes it possible.

    • Smart Station x 1

      BLEND™ Light Bulb x 1

      Smart Plug x 2

      SPOT™ x 1


    The core of the LifeSmart platform

    As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of your devices and sensors so that you can stay informed of changing conditions and remotely control various aspects of your home or office.

    Bring convenience into your lifestyle

    With the Comfort Kit, you can wake up naturally by setting your lights on or open your curtains at a certain hour. Connecting the Smart Plug to your bread toaster enables you to toast bread while showering with heater on. Finally, you will never be in a hurry anymore for your morning coffee, since LifeSmart can prepare it while you are still lying in bed.

    Create ambiance

    BLEND Light Bulbs are the perfect way to adjust any room's ambiance. Capable of creating 16 million different lighting effects with adjustable brightness and preset modes, you can always easily set the mood for that romantic dinner and seamlessly let it transition into a party setting.

    Schedule routines

    SPOT™ also interacts with other LifeSmart™ Home Products via the LifeSmart™ Smart Station. You can set automatic trigger for your devices that are connected to the Smart Station.

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