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Energy Management Kit

LifeSmart Nordics

  • Get a total control over your electricity usage thanks to the ELIQ® Electricity Meter Sensor, the Climate Sensor and two Smart Plugs! With this kit, you can both monitor your energy consumption and steer associated devices in order to save energy. Bring some more convenience, sustainaiblity and comfort into your everyday life with the Energy Management Kit!

    • Smart Station x 1

      Environmental Sensor x 1

      ELIQ Electricity Meter Sensor x 1

      Smart Plug x 2


    The core of the LifeSmart platform

    As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of your devices and sensors so that you can stay informed of changing conditions and remotely control various aspects of your home or office.

    How it works

    Simply place the sensor on the LED on your digital energy meter. From this LED, we are able to calculate how much energy you are consuming. Together with your energy supplier, we can show you more specific data straight to the LifeSmart app. The ELIQ Electricity Meter Sensor works with a specific range of digital energy meters.

    Data analysis

    We learn how you can save money. By analyzing your power consumption in combination with your monthly energy bill, we will provide you with new ways to lower your monthly energy budget, without impacting your living experience.

    Energy saving

    Over consumption of energy is a major issue for the world. By being able to help you reduce your energy consumption, we try to make the world a bit cleaner.



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